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About the registration (for Westerners / non-speakers of Russian)

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About the registration (for Westerners / non-speakers of Russian)

Сообщение Harris » 03 окт 2019, 16:46

Dear English speakers! Thank you for your interest in our board. Unfortunately, as of now we don't allow registrations for people living outside of CIS / post Soviet countries.

The reasoning behind this is as follows:

1) The board's sole language of operation is Russian, therefore people with no command of Russian are unable to make any use of this board nor profit our community in any way.

2) Western countries are a major source of spam for us, therefore registrations from these are automatically denied by our software, CleanTalk.

If, regardless of what is written above you still wish to have an account with us, I may be interested to conditionally entertain such requests.

Visit our Patreon and make a corresponding subscription then drop me an email with a name of your Patreon account and your country and we'll sort this out.

However, mind that donations amounts are increased for such members, as they live in countries with better economies and can afford it.

For a sponsor usergroup you'd have to make a monthly subscription of at least 20$.

Mind that your membership is valid as long as you're subscribed and will expire once your payments cease.

Please be aware that you will not be entitled for the offers that are specifically designed for residents of post Soviet countries.


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